Creighton To Ban Smoking on Campus

Throw away those lighters and snuff out those cigarette butts – this time next year, Creighton’s campus will be completely free of nicotine.

On July 1, 2008, Creighton will become a tobacco-free zone and students, faculty and staff will no longer be allowed to light up anywhere on campus. Administrators cite health concerns, healthcare costs and beautification of the campus as the main reasons for implementing a tobacco-free policy. []

Bomb Threat/Flooding Causes Evacuations at UF

Hundreds of UF students, faculty and staff were forced outside during stormy weather Tuesday after the Florida Gym was evacuated due to a bomb threat and Library West was cleared out because of a plumbing problem.

Jeff Holcomb, University Police Department spokesman, said a male caller told an Alachua County’s 911 dispatcher around 2 p.m. that a bomb would go off in the Florida Gym and then hung up. [The Alligator]

Don’t Rely On RA’s When Pantless

When I came back to my room this morning, I wasn’t wearing pants and the door was locked. I had taken a shower and my roommate locked me out. Simple mistake. Happens all the time.

I would ride the (hopefully empty) elevator downstairs, grab a key, and open my door. I would return the key I borrowed and head to class, barely a minute late. I could get in and get out, only in my underwear in public for a minute, tops. I knew as soon as I got on the elevator this was not going to be that simple. [WKU Herald]

Students Dies After Fall From Delta Upsilon Room

Robert M. Wells ’08 died Saturday morning after a five-story fall from the Delta Upsilon fraternity house. His death, which has been characterized as accidental by friends and family, is under investigation. Wells was 22.

A call to 911 was placed from the DU house at 5:44 a.m. on Saturday, March 1, said Officer Eddy Chrispin, a spokesman for the Boston Police Department. Chrispin said he did not know who placed the call. He said that “EMS responded … followed by police,” and that Wells was pronounced dead at the scene. []

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