Ashley Alexandra Dupre (A.K.A ‘Kristen’) Revealed in Spitzer Sex Scandal [PICS]

We all knew it was just a matter of time before the identity of Eliot Spitzer’s elite companion / prosititute came to surface. Tonight the DrudgeReport uncovered Kristen’s myspace page and believe it or not, her name is not Kristen at all (insert shocked gasp here). Her real name is Ashley Alexandra Dupré, a 22 year-old aspiring R&B singer and a master fellatio-ist.

The Wall Highschool grad from Belmar, NJ is a regular on the NYC hip-hop party scene. Reports say she is less concerned about her recent publicity than being able to make her rent this month, due to her recent unemployment. Not sure if she is hot enough for her Emperor’s Club Diamond rating, but only the former governor can speak to her performance. Good luck little Miss HipHop’s Anonymous – you will have your photoshoot in either Maxim, Playboy or Hustler (if you are as dirty as we think) and then POOF, your fifteen minutes will be up.

Live it up darlin’! The clock is ticking.

Check out Kristen’s candid gallery here

16 thoughts on “Ashley Alexandra Dupre (A.K.A ‘Kristen’) Revealed in Spitzer Sex Scandal [PICS]”

  1. I suppose that Sam is related to spitzer? LOL all the stupid males is just proof that they cann't get any from a lady for free…wonder why?

  2. It is a shame. That the man had to choose a girl whom was nearly his daughters' age. Now THAT is what is sick. I think his wife should nail him for adultry and go back to her career as a divorce prosecutor for other high-power wives who are basiccally treated this way. My heart goes out to his daughters- whom he has really messed up.

  3. I thought that perhaps girls would learn from Monica's mistakes? But, that did launch Hillary towards being a Senator—now possibly Bill will get his, being the first _____whatever.
    It's a sad, sad world.

  4. A) She's a hooker
    B) She slept with a guy that looked like that?!?

    Yeah, I'd pay to have her get the hell out as well!

    And is she going to be arrested for selling herself? Especially for that much. Damn, not worth it at all!

  5. yo jersey !

    near what exit, near what mall ?

    we all know what state in america where most prostitutes come from;

    I DA HO !

  6. Funny, now that she's been outed as a prostitute, she can make more money.
    Define prostitute.
    Define "trick."

  7. What a piece of SHIT this Bitch !!!

    TRASH……. and American's love this kind of Shit…. that is why this world if the way it is…..

    No more respect for Families or people that work hard and in a Honest way!!

    I hope she check her Self for AIDS, already

  8. Why not make prostution legal? It's been going on forever, it's never going to stop, and if it were legal we wouldn't even be talking about all this nonsense.

    What's wrong with paying for sex? Men start paying for sex the minute a woman realizes they can get an erection.

  9. NEVER paid for it, and I have had better than that.
    But like Charlie Sheen says….
    You don't pay for the sex, you pay for them to leave when it's over.

  10. I'd pay her nothing, as I don't pay for sex. But she is hot, and given the opportunity I would bang her. (But not for money)

  11. men pay for da hoe to go away

    n da world aint fucked up cept when ur adding negativity to it BITCH!!

  12. She really blew it by not accepting Girls Gone Wild's million dollar offer right off the bat. Her 15 minutes of fame have expired

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