Obama Goes to Comic-Con?

There’s a rumor that’s been sprouting up on message boards that presidential hopeful Barack Obama will be making an appearance at this years Comic-Con in San Diego.The rumor began when Michael Davis, in his article The Silly Season, reported that the Obama Campaign had contacted him last year about an appearance at this year’s Comic-Con.

However, Comic-Con International’s Marketing Director David Glanzer denied these reports saying the show’s organizers have not been contacted by Obama’s campaign. Unfortunately, Obama’s campaign was not available for comment and has not made a statement regarding the matter.

Obama coming to Comic-Con has both positives and negatives. The positives would be that he’s reaching out to a brand new demographic of voters, the geeks (and I say that lovingly). By doing so, he will gain a respect and following from people that quite frankly, may not consider politics a top priority in their lives. Also, Obama’s appearance would give legitimacy to an art form that is not given much respect in the mainstream.

It would be fun to ask the Senator his opinions on real issues – like Super Hero Registration. Or if he would appoint Iron Man as Secretary of Defense.

While Obama appearing at Comic-Con would be a savvy move, it could also backfire. Security would probably be even more of a nightmare then already is, due to the amount of people at the San Diego Convention Center. This would be very inconvenient to the attendees – especially the ones who are more interested in a panel with Kevin Smith telling stories about the creation of Silent Bob rather than hear a politician promote his health care plan.

As for whether Obama will be making an appearance or not, so far all signs point to no. But, he might put in appearance as an attendee. Hey, you never know.

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