Best NCAA Brackets for College Students

Where to go to set up an NCAA Bracket? That’s my question: I was trying to get a mid-sized 15 person pool going between my friends, but wasn’t sure what site is best for the job – until now.

I’ll break down what I found to be the best NCAA Group Bracket sites on the web and within the Facebook Application network.

After the jump, the best brackets on the net!

Best Web Bracket:

CBS Sports web bracket system is by far the easiest to use. It’s the most popular, with hundreds of people filling out brackets in the time that it took me to write this article. They offer up sick cash prizes for those good at picking winners. As for building a group pool, the admin can set up a private group and invite members through email (which they can customize to offer extended details, like how to pay for the $15 buy via Paypal before actually filling out a bracket).

Runner Up: John McCain is calling you a pansy! The presidential hopeful thinks you suck at filling out NCAA brackets and believes he can do a better job. Head on over to his site, fill out a bracket and see if you can beat the old codger.

Best Facebook NCAA Bracket App

Sports Illustrated’s Facebook application and its one-click setup allows you to build group pools for your friends within the network and offers cash money to winners. The application also has tons of interactive features beyond the bracket to keep you clicking for hours.

Runner Up: There are a ton of NCAA Tourney applications popping up on Facebook (too many to name)… most of which are cheap marketing ploys in diguise, aimed at building product awareness amongst the Facebook crowd.  Yes, we are talking about you Geico and 88 the Movie.  Lame, lame, lame!

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