Facebook Imposter Sets Up Fake Obama Rally

The day after The Pitt News exposed a fake Sen. Barack Obama rally at the Petersen Events Center, the Facebook event and its creator’s Facebook account vanished.University of Pittsburgh student Dan Gore reported to Facebook that someone created an account mimicking his, which was used to lead people to believe that he was hosting the phony rally.

To this day, Gore does not know who created the account. [Pitt News]

ResLife at UNH Takes a Shot at Banning Alcohol Paraphernalia

Residential Life could find students in the wrong for possessing empty Keystone Light cans and alcohol funnels in their dormitories if changes in the university residential contract are passed.

Among others changes, these guidelines have to do with outlawing empty alcohol containers in areas exclusively housing underage students as well as outlawing alcohol paraphernalia. [The NH Online]

Fire at Spring Break Hotspot in Acapulco

The fire broke out at the Best Western Playa Suites Hotel in Acapulco. It was packed with college students – many from our area. One girl says she awoke to screams and breaking glass. In a phone interview, Penn State Junior Devon Herrick of Malvern described how she awoke to screams of fire.

She rushed to her balcony, looked across the way at Playa Suites’ Tower 2 and realized the fire was no joke. [ABC]

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