Heather Mills, It’s Time to Shut up!

Heather Mills: Not only are you a lying bitch, but you are getting annoying.

My girlfriend made me watch you on Dancing With the Stars, and you made me wish I was blind. You one-legged whore! You married a Beatle – knowing he was a billionaire to begin with!

Also, you say that you donate to charities all the time, but on both your UK and USA tax info, you haven’t donated a dollar. Not $1 f**king dollar!? I donate $10 a semester to Green Peace, and I work at COED, so I get paid in pubes.

I have listened to every piece of sh*, whiny excuse you have given to every media outlet who will listen to you. All you have done is lie, and now you are using your daughter as a media pawn? Even some of the American crack-whore celebrity divorcees haven’t stooped that low.

Look Heather, you got over $100M after everything is done. You won the Dirty Whore International Mega-Millions! Congratulations! Now take your good leg and hop your silly little ass out of the spotlight. Even the judge called you a money-grubbing-celebrity whore – your time is up!

You will never have to work again, so STOP COMPLAINING.

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