The Frat Guy Diet: Cody Lummus – Delta Tau Delta

Texas Tech University
Delta Tau Delta

PHILOSOPHY: ‘I always drink Sprite — it’s healthier because it doesn’t have caffeine.’

BREAKFAST: ‘No time. I wake up ten minutes before class.’

LUNCH: All fast food, all the time. Plus, ‘I usually super-size my meal.’ And Sprite, of course.

DINNER: ‘Anything meat’ (fajitas, steaks, burgers) coupled with ‘anything beer.’

SNACKS: ‘Whatever is in the pantry; Goldfish crackers, peanut butter, assorted and peanut butter, packaged goods seem to be the way to his stomach.

NEVER: ‘I don’t eat desserts ‘I’m not much of a fan,’ Cody starts, ‘But I’ll eat chocolate-chip cookies every once in a while.’

This article was a response to “What a Swimmer Eats.”

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