7PM Suicide Girl: Keiko

Keiko Suicide
Age 20
Location United Kingdom

Piercings, gigs, tattoos, art,
dancing to Spice Girls,
having a laugh w/ my girls.

Not Into:
Slags, people who stab you
in the back, scary yappy dogs!
spidersssss, and rain!

Makes her happy:
Dav John Mayes, cats, yellow
things, sunshine, my baby bro,

Makes her sad:
Being in England, not seeing
my family/friends, war,famine.

Fave Bands:
My Ruin
The Break In
Comeback Kid
Walls of Jericho
Nervous Wreck
Chaos Days
Saves the Day
Lady Sovereign
The Faint

Fave Films:
Drop Dead Fred
Girl Interrupted
Moulin Rouge
Coyote Ugly
Edward Scissorhands

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