Obama Girl to Hillary: Stop the Attacks!

Amber Lee Ettinger, known in Internetland as “Obama Girl,” has unleashed a new vid, this time pleading with Hillary Clinton to stop the incessant attacks and scare tactics (read: the 3AM ad), asking her to step down so her boy Barack Obama can take control.

It’s dopey, it’s riddled with stupid one-liners, it’s only worth watching for Ettinger’s ‘good-enough’ looks – it’s the Internet in a nutshell. What did you expect? If you want hard-hitting points in the world of politics, tune in to C-SPAN; YouTube probably isn’t your best option. Otherwise, LOLZ away!

“Hillary! Stop the attacks! Love, Obama Girl” after the jump!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axxooGIgOKs&hl=en]

2 thoughts on “Obama Girl to Hillary: Stop the Attacks!”

  1. And just so everyone is clear, when this girl was approached to do the original 'Obama girl' video, she was paid to do it, she did not do it to support Obama, she is an actress. And the New Jersey resident also admits she did not even vote in the Primary.

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