Vermont To Reconsider Drinking Age

A committee in the Vermont Senate passed legislation creating a task force to consider lowering the state’s legal drinking age.The National Minimum Drinking Age Act required states to set the drinking age at 21 or lose federal highway funds, which, for Vermont, total approximately $17 million.

“We’re not in a position to lose 17 million dollars,” Senator Miller said. “There is a national movement to unhook the drinking age, which is a state responsibility. If we do our research and there is enough evidence that this might produce good results, we might unhook those dollars.” [The Dartmouth]

Jerome “The Bus” Bettis To Speak at PSU

Penn State linebacker Sean Lee said he grew up in his Pittsburgh neighborhood watching Jerome “The Bus” Bettis dominate play for the Steelers every Sunday.

Now, Lee and the rest of the Penn State community will have the chance to see Bettis live. Bettis will speak as a part of the Distinguished Speaker Series (DSS) at 8 tonight in the Bryce Jordan Center. [Collegian]

Marquette U. Student Spends Spring Break Crashing on Strangers’ Sofas

Spring break travel took a twist for Marquette University College of Engineering senior Joseph Johnnie. He skipped hotels and chose alternative accommodations for his trip to the east coast. Through an international non-profit organization called CouchSurfing, Johnnie crashed on someone’s couch in Washington, D.C., for free.

Since its founding in 2003, has gained almost 500,000 members internationally, said Courtney Wiher, Milwaukee’s CouchSurfing ambassador. You meet incredible people doing this,” Wiher said. [Marquette Tribune]

Picture: Spring Break Beer Pong

Sometimes you hit the beach and don’t have a table to play beer pong on. These industrious students put the bountiful sand to good use.

Pile up the sand, mold it into a table, add some solo cups and let the boozing begin. [CollegeOTR]

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