Lawsuits Run Wild on the Hulkster

Hulk Hogan cannot catch a break.

His wife is banging her personal trainer, his daughter is a pudgy ho-bag looking to be the next low-class reincarnation of Britney Spears, and now his punkass son has got him involved in a lawsuit he can’t win. Where are the Hulkamaniacs when you need them?

Hulk Hogan, real name Terry Bollea, is being sued by the family of John Graziano, who was critically injured when a car driven by Hogan’s son Nick Bollea crashed. The suit alleges that former pro-wrestler (and now “reality star”) is responsible for the accident because he knew his son likes to drive fast and race other cars. In reality, he is screwed because his loudmouth son bragged after the accident, saying that it was his car’s fault for not being “able to handle such high speeds.”

The Hulkster definitely has both shoulders pinned on this one, brother.

1 thought on “Lawsuits Run Wild on the Hulkster”

  1. Brooke Hogan couldnt wear Britney Spears panties on her worst days. Hulk Hogan and his family have been laughing at the laws which are set for ALL OF US to follow. Nick in 1 year time, gotten several SPEEDING TICKETS 100+ . Linda Hogan was on tape laughing about how she loves speeding on public streets going in n out of cars ditching the police. Terry Hogan provided the booze for his UNDERAGE son hours b-4 the crash. And then they all had the NERVE, because that's what it takes a lot of Nerve to get on TV and say Nick wasn't drinking nor was he racing, when all the evidence n witnesses say he was racing n was drinking before the crash.(bloodtest) proved that allegation. So to end this..Mr Bollea,(Hogan) your lies n unwillingness to see that your son Nick needs to take responsibilty for his actions and admit it.own it. John G is where is is at because Nick wasn't a responsible driver. Period.

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