Obama to Speak at Penn State on Sunday

Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., will be speaking at Penn State on Sunday morning on the Old Main lawn, two sources close to the campaign confirmed unofficially today.

Michael Stewart, president of Penn State Students for Barack Obama, also unofficially confirmed Obama’s appearance and said it is a direct result of his organization registering 5,400 Penn State students as Democrats. [Daily Collegian]

In other PSU news: Bill Clinton, Jim Cramer’s “Mad Money” and many others will be at Penn State this week as well. [CollegeOTR]

Spring Streaking Tradition Continued at U Minnesota

A crowd of hundreds on the Northrop Mall received an impromptu anatomy lesson Monday, which some called “short but sweet.”

Spotted for only a few minutes around noon, two runners zig-zagged through a packed Northrop Mall wearing nothing but masks and tennis shoes. The unsuspecting crowd witnessed the 10th annual “Jack Myton Run.” [MN Daily]

Michigan Football Team Takes A Hit as

Things are not shaping up to be promising for Rich Rodriguez and the Michigan offense. It was reported tonight that upcoming Junior Guard Justin Boren, otherwise known as the huge offensive linemen who wears #65, has quit the team.

Sources do not yet know the reason for his decision, but either way, it’s bad. He would have been one of only two returning starters on the offensive line for this upcoming season, and now only Steve Shilling remains. [CollegeOTR]

Attending College for the Health Care Coverage

At community college campuses across Pennsylvania, health insurance coverage is the motivating factor for many students to attend class. In order to be eligible for their families’ health insurance plans, students must be full-time.

The result? Students are either unmotivated to do well in school or they end up being in over their heads with schoolwork, unable to opt to be part-time students because they will lose their health insurance. [Pitt News]

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