Kill Me Now: Researchers Say Marijuana and Oral Sex Can Lead to Cancer

Any product or activity can lead to death if abused heavily, from drugs to gorging on too many fatty foods. Everybody knows it, yet we all still find ourselves with our vices. Making the right decision is far more difficult when certain studies swing between prizing and damning everything – twice.

From CBS News:

Head and neck cancers that were positive for HPV 16 were associated with having more oral sex partners and smoking more marijuana.

Head and neck cancers that were negative for HPV 16 weren’t linked to sex or marijuana. Instead, they were tied to smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol, and having poor oral hygiene.

That’s just fantastic – so now blowjobs and smoking weed, the two greatest gifts given to mankind, will kill you. That’s like telling women that rice cakes and yoga will give them permanent brain damage.

But in the flip-flop world of research, nothing is for certain (except misinformation).

Things that are good for you:

Eggs, red meat, lots of sex, marijuana

Things that are bad for you:

Eggs, red meat, lots of sex, marijuana

I’m no doctor or medical researcher, but I’m pretty sure inconsistency is fatal too.

Have fun and die young, I guess! Or don’t have fun and still die young. Sigh…

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