Two PSU Students “Punk’d” Bill Clinton Last Night

Bill Clinton spoke to a packed house at Penn State Unievrsity last night and two smart Obama fans got some free publicity and made the former president look like a real ass. [CollegeOTR]

“If you’re a Davidson student, the Sweet 16 is on us. And you’re all invited.”

Davidson center Thomas Sander was halfway through his senior economics seminar Wednesday afternoon when a fellow student excitedly raised his hand.

“I’ve got a pretty cool announcement,” the guy said to the class. And then he read the e-mail that had just dropped from college president Tom Ross, containing the coolest invitation in the history of March Madness:

If you’re a Davidson student, the Sweet 16 is on us. And you’re all invited.

“Everyone was going crazy, saying ‘I’m going to Detroit!'” Sander recalled.

College kids love free stuff. But a free trip — tickets, hotel and a bus ride included — to see your Cinderella school play Big Ten champion Wisconsin in a once-a-generation NCAA tournament game? This was better than Ed McMahon showing up at your door with a Publishers Clearing House check. [ESPN]

Social Networking Profiles Give Inaccurate Impressions of User

Millions of users have profiles on the social networking site Facebook, where they can list their majors, hometown, favorite books, movies, music, quotes and other personal information. A UT researcher found this information does not always give an accurate impression of the user. [Daily Texan]

Boston College Dining Hall Patrons Steal Nearly 10 Percent of Items

Helen Wechsler, director of Boston College Dining, whose mine of student-purchasing (and theft) data would make a food marketer’s Christmas. In a recent conversation, Wechsler confirmed, “These numbers are simply shocking.” These “numbers” are the rates of student theft in the dining halls, a problem that is more prevalent than one might think.

Food service, Wechsler said, is an industry whose researchers expect theft averages of 4 percent, but in this respect, BC more than exceeds the standard: Patrons of BC Dining steal approximately 9 percent of all products. [BC Talk]

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