Regardless of Fable, The Ultimate Warrior Is Insane!

Popular fable tells us that the original Ultimate Warrior died of steroids and was later re-casted by another for a few years until he died in a car accident with Keenan and Kel from Nickelodeon. Contrary to popular belief this legend is, in fact, false.

The original and only Warrior is alive and well. If you check out Ultimate Warrior’s Wikipedia you’ll see he didn’t legally change his name to Warrior, did not write a book on politics and definitely didn’t travel country speaking out to denounce gays. Well if you heard that, none of it is true…or it is true, but without the did nots…whatever, the guy’s a maniac any which way.

Where I come from, there is no such thing as pregaming – just put this video on and let it work its magic. Oddly enough, I have no actual memory of ever seeing this video because every time it comes on I black out and wake up at the Bronx Zoo wearing nothing but shoelaces tied around my biceps.

Must See Ultimate Warrior Video After The Jump!


Projected First Round NFL Prospect Dead at 24
Projected First Round NFL Prospect Dead at 24
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