Mayweather’s Brass Knuckles KO ‘The Big Show’

Last night was Wrestlemania XXIV and you could feel the electricity in the air – or maybe it was just the sound of Floyd Mayweather hitting the mat.

Everyone’s talking about the Big Show vs. Floyd “Money” Mayweather that featured the Big Show whipping the ass of every one of Mayweather’s handlers. As for Floyd “Money” Mayweather, he got thrown around, stepped on, and had to be dragged back to the ring by the Big Show, before felling him a brass-knuckle assisted right hook.

Mayweather wasn’t the only celebrity at the show: Kim Kardashian made an appearance as hostess and interviewed Mr. Kennedy before the ‘Money in the Bank’ ladder match.

Speaking of the ‘Money in the Bank’ match, I’ve seen a match with so many “holy sh*t” moments as this one. Here are a few of the highlights of that one; John Morrison doing a back flip off the top rope carrying a ladder, and Shelton Benjimen falling into and bending a propped ladder outside. Even the wrestlers jaws dropped at that one.

Snoop Dogg played host to the ‘Playboy Bunny Lumberjack March’ starring Maria and all the other WWE Divas. After the match the Dogg nailed Santino Marella with a clothesline and giving a shoutout to none other then Ric Flair. Raven Symone (who’s really got some ‘junk in the trunk’) introduced the children in attendance from the Make A Wish foundation.

But perhaps the most powerful moment of the night came when Shawn Michaels wrestled the legendary “Nature Boy” Ric Flair in Flair’s last match.

An emotional roller coaster from start to finish, the match ended when Flair told Michaels to hit him with the superkick. Michael responded by mouthing to Flair, “I’m sorry” and “I love you” out of respect for the 16 time champion and pinned him. Once the match concluded, Michaels embraced Flair and exited the ring while over 70,000 people rose in unison to say goodbye to the “Nature Boy” who tearfully waved goodbye to and thanked the crowd.

Regardless of Fable, The Ultimate Warrior Is Insane!
Regardless of Fable, The Ultimate Warrior Is Insane!
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