Texas Christian U. Student Sarah Marshall Discusses Movie Ads

Sarah Marshall, a Texas Christian University senior advertising/public relations major, was eating dinner with her boyfriend about three weeks ago when a friend came up and asked if they were OK.

It was one of many calls and Facebook messages she has been receiving for almost the last month. Even one friend’s mother called her to ask about “those awful billboards.”

Billboards with phrases such as “You Suck Sarah Marshall,” “My Mother Always Hated You, Sarah Marshall” and “Those Jeans Do Make You Look Fat, Sarah Marshall” have been appearing around the Dallas/Fort Worth area as part of an advertising campaign promoting the new Universal Pictures movie, “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.” The movie opens April 18 and is about a struggling musician who tries to make a life after he is dumped by his popular TV star girlfriend, according to the film’s website.

Marshall is one of many Sarah Marshalls around the nation who has received increased attention in the last month because of the campaign, and she said she was recently interviewed by the Los Angeles Times and the Texas radio station WBAP-AM. [TCU Daily Skiff]

PSU Student Group Combats Intoxicated Sex

Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance (FMLA) adviser Spring Cooper thinks only when students are cognizant enough to tackle a Rubik’s Cube are they capable of having sex.

“Wait until you can do the puzzle, then you’re safe to have sex,” Cooper said.

Starting this weekend, FMLA, an on-campus organization that works to develop strategies and programs to advance women’s equality, will distribute Rubik’s Cubes, among other puzzles and toys, in an effort to promote awareness about safer sex. [Collegian]

Student Laptops to be Used to Detect California Quakes

An assistant professor at UC Riverside has developed an intriguing new way to detect earthquakes.

Elizabeth Cochran, part of the department of earth sciences, proposed that a network of personal computers be used to help detect oncoming seismic disturbances in real time, according to a press release from UC Riverside. [California Aggie]

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