YouSuck: Cheerleaders Brutally Beat Girl for Internet Video Infamy

Ok, what the f*ck is wrong with people?

As reported today, six teenage cheerleaders, from Polk County, Florida, pummeled a classmate nearly to death so they could post the video to MySpace and YouTube.

The Polk County sheriff’s department learned of the video after the victim was beat so badly she had to be taken to the hospital to treat the severe injuries inflicted by the group of girls. A week after the beating, the victim, 16-year-old Victoria Lyndsay, is still recovering from a concussion, and hearing and vision on her left side are yet to return.

The group of six girls and two guys, who were on lookout while the girls beat Victoria inside a home, have all been imprisoned and charged with felony battery and false imprisonment.

Obviously, this is disgusting. The meaningless brutality is difficult for me to even comprehend. But the violence of this single act is only a glaring tell-tale symptom of a greater cultural sickness.

We’ve begun to value fame to such a degree that no act is too shameful. From Jerry Springer to “reality” television to YouTube to the 24-hour news channels, we’ve become a people who elevate those who shock and disgust us.

While getting famous for being a horrible person is nothing new (how many serial killers can you name?), the ease with which this now happens, because of Sites like YouTube and MySpace, only increases and amplifies such actions.

Even my writing about this now contributes to the encroaching dark-side of our no-holds-barred, user-generated world.

But the Internet is not going away. And enacting legislation to limit what can and cannot be posted is also a slippery slope, a step toward suffocating the freedom that makes the digital world so great.

Patrick Lyndsay, Victoria’s father, believes these types of videos should be removed from sharing Sites like MySpace and YouTube. “As far as I am concerned, MySpace is the anti-Christ for children,” he said. “I hope this comes to a final resolution. I am not going to stop here.”

While I agree with Mr. Lyndsay that these Sites need internal guidelines for eradicating videos of the type these vile sons-of-bitches made, without sweeping rejection of this shame-fame by the Internet community — and society as a whole — I fear this will not be the last time we witness such horrific attempts at celebrity.

But something tells me that isn’t likely, either.

If you ask me, I say we all just start shooting more videos of dogs f*cking cats, because that shit is hilarious. And nobody gets hurt.

6 thoughts on “YouSuck: Cheerleaders Brutally Beat Girl for Internet Video Infamy”

  1. Isn't this story kind of crap? The media seems to be sensationalizing it because it's got a YouTube hook, but according to police in an article at it was the result of an argument and some text messaging trash-talk. This is a fight between kids that seems like it would have happened with or without the video camera.

    Let's not make this about YouTube. Yes, they recorded it so they could post it, but it does NOT look like they beat her up so they could record it.

  2. These girls and the 2 guys are nothing but fu**king cowards. I mean please 6 to 1 yeah they real bad huh. maybe they didnt do it to actually post it but the does that really matter THEY DID DO IT AND THEY SHOULD BE PUNISHED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW. I do believe that carma will get back to the bit**** and I would like to see them laughing then. they deserve what ever they get back in carma and then some.

  3. this is just another pathetic group of cruel teenagers, what is happening to our youth??? I think these kids need to be punished severley, and their parents need to wake up and stop sticking up for their looser children. Parents face it your children are evil!!!!

  4. im a cheerleader i cant believe tht these bitches would do tht u girls r stupid and horrible cheer leaders

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