Dark Knight Marketing Tactics Stir Up Serious Online Buzz

There is no stipulation The Dark Knight, the new installation to the Batman movie series, will be a sure-fire summer blockbuster, but why is it causing more of a buzz than any of the other summer movie mammoths? Buzz is exactly it. Last May, Warner Bros began what would grow into one of the most successful Buzz/ Viral Marketing campaigns for a movie ever.

It all began with a one-page viral site promoting a fictional political campaign for District Attorney of Gotham City Harvey Dent, played by Aaron Eckheart (Thank You For Smoking). The site, now infamous around its cult following, was the womb for the campaign. E-mails sent by fans slowly removed pixels on the site revealing the first long awaited official image of the Joker. The site was then replaced with an array of “HAHAHAHA’s” and a quote saying “See you in December.”

This was only the beginning.

In late October, the second site was launched prompting a scavenger hunt across major cities in the U.S. Pictures were taken by the hunters, and when combined, revealed a new picture of the joker accompanied by a recording of The Joker’s (Heath Ledger) voice. Then came “Rory’s Death Kiss,” another viral site where fans could post photographs of themselves costumed in joker face paint in public places. All who submitted photos received a direct mail “Gotham Times” newspaper. The paper was a perfect opening act to prelude the summer flick.

The Internet version of the paper opened up a truckload of viral sites branching out to every spectrum of Gotham, from city life to Joker puzzles. A joker-vandalized version of the paper was also found, and appropriately titled “The HAHAHA Times.”

The unfortunate loss of Heath Ledger caused a screeching halt in the campaign, which is now just beginning to pick back up focusing more on the Harvey Dent campaign (now officially on a cross country tour). The website www.IBelieveInHarveyDent.com has, since last May, had a total makeover and now fully interactive including downloads, tour dates, and surveys. As for the core Joker site, www.WhySoSerious.com, it has been turned into an informal tribute for the late Ledger.

The integration of viral sites, and hands on interaction is too remarkable to slip under the radar. The fact that followers can earn rewards, inside info, and spoilers, based upon their level of involvement is marketing genius, because what do people love more than movies…? Talking about movies. Lets face it, in the blog battling infested, Internet world we live in, and knowledge is power.

Below is the complete list of online buzz sites for Dark Knight

I Believe In Harvey Dent

Why So Serious
Why So Serious – Personality Profile

Why So Serious – Mausoleum
Why So Serious – Step Right Up

Rory’s Death Kiss


The Gotham Times

The hahahaha Times

Gotham National Bank

WeAreTheAnswer.org – Crime Tip Line for Suspicious Police Activity

Gotham City Rail

Gotham Cab Co.

City of Gotham Police Department

Acme Security Systems

Gotham Victims Advocate Foundation

Gotham Unified School District

Betty’s House of Pies

St. Swithuns Catholic Church

Internal Affairs of the Gotham City Police

Remembering Gina

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