Study Aids Carry Health Risks With Excessive Use

With finals hitting students soon, many are reaching for cans, cups and pills to help them get through the late nights of studying.”Coffee is usually harmless, but all stimulants can be a risk when not used in moderation,” she said.

Coffee is perhaps the most common source of caffeine among student options, although energy drinks, which also contain vitamins and sugar, have been looked to increasingly as a quick source of vigor. In fact, coffee is the most immediately potent. A 16-ounce cup from Starbucks contains an average of 330 milligrams of caffeine, while an 8.2-ounce can of Red Bull contains only 80.

Monster and Rock Star, two other popular energy drinks, contain 160 milligrams in their 16-ounce cans.

Regardless, drinking too much caffeine can cause jitters and anxiety attacks, and ends up being counterproductive to the study process, Reyes said.

She added that frequent consumption of energy drinks could lead to a whole other range of health problems.  [Wildcat Online]

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