Fly To Europe This Summer for $225 on Zoom Air

So you’ve been saving you change (and significantly more) for months now in hopes of finally completing that wild two week summer European backpacking trip. Only problem is gas prices are on the rise and the price of flights to Europe have gotten completely out of hand.

Fear not, because Zoom Air is here to cater to college students in the San Diego, Ft. Lauderdale, New York and Vancouver regions looking to go abroad this summer.

They are offering ridiculous discounts any college student could afford — Ft. Lauderdale, New York City or the UK for $225! I really don’t think there is a better deal to be found anywhere.

I flew Zoom Air from NYC to London in September and it was a great experience — spacious seating, my flights were on time, they didn’t lose my bags and, most importantly, the flight attendants were gorgeous. Seriously: if you have any interest at all in visiting Europe this summer check out the promotional deals on Zoom Air.

Study Aids Carry Health Risks With Excessive Use
Study Aids Carry Health Risks With Excessive Use
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