Virginia Tech Students One Year After Shootings

To the casual observer, Virginia Tech looks like any other school, as students walk across the sprawling campus to class, sporting events and their dorms. But just one year ago, this was the location of the worst gun rampage in United States history.It would be inconceivable to think that the Virginia Tech campus is the same place it was before April 16, 2007. But the school’s population shows few outward signs of fear, sadness or hopelessness.

“We are being normal college kids,” said junior Heidi Dull, who lost her friend Caitlin Hammaren in the shootings. “We stayed a tightly knit community, and since classes were kind of up in the air at the end of the year, we had a good chance to bond with our friends. We got our lives back in order.”

A year ago, an emotional interview Dull gave to Sway garnered an immense amount of attention from her fellow classmates and media. People magazine even put her on its cover following the April 16 attacks. [MTV]

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