Could You Handle Living With Grandma?

I read an interesting article today about young people living with their grandparents after college graduation. Not only is it saving them thousands of dollars in rent, but their elderly relatives and extended family get a sense of security having someone else in the house. I’d bet a few home cooked meals every week probably aren’t too bad either.

But could you do it? I have two surviving grandparents who live approximately 1,300 miles away. While I love them to death, I tend to get frustrated when either one comes to visit for longer than a week. It could be one Grandma’s church sermons on DVD or the way her clothes smell like moth balls and White Diamonds. My other Grandmother usually enlists me to start ghostwriting her cookbook. We get about 2 pages in before she lays down for a nap and forgets about the project.

I think the novelty of sharing memories and getting buddy-buddy in the TV room would wear off pretty quick. No more loud-parties, early bed times and a digital divide as wide as a Grand Canyon would irritate me to no end. But if you’re thinking about giving it a try, the article’s author has a few tips:

1. Have clear expectations and express them in writing before taking the plunge. Both you and your grandparent should know exactly what you’re getting in to.

2. Get an additional phone line and separate televisions. This will prevent lots of arguments and frustration.

3. Don’t forget your tape recorder or note pad. Your grandparents are chock-full of old stories and family history. Who better than you to take it all down?

Has anyone ever lived with a grandparent or considered it? Give us the scoop on what it’s like!

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