Happy 420: Smoke ’em If You Got ’em

Whip out your bongs, or get your rolling papers ready cause today is the official holiday for pot smokers across the country. 420 has long been code for pot friendly people of the world to light up, and today’s date obviously has special significance. So if you see people walking around looking a little out of sorts today… they’ve probably been smoking since they woke up this morning.

Legend holds that the term 420 originated in San Rafael, California. Apparantly, a group of high school kids known as the Waldos would meet everyday after school at 4:20 PM at a statue of Louis Pasteur. When they wanted to smoke, to ask if anyone had pot, or to ask if they looked stoned the members would say “420 Louis.” The phrase stuck, and because of traveling groups like the Grateful Dead, the term spread far beyond the borders of California.

Today, if you indulge in such illicit activities, there are sure to be parties around. But if you’re close to Marin Country, CA you can participate in the annual 420 Hemp Fest, in Ann Arbor you can attend the Hash Bash, or if you’re in our lovely nation’s capital you can go to the first party leading up to the July 4th Smoke In.

If you’re a smoker—have fun. If not, hold your breath because otherwise you’re sure to get a contact high!

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