President Bush Appears on “Deal or No Deal”

I was kicking back watching a little “Deal or No Deal” and to my surprise NBC brought on a special guest – the most powerful person on Earth.

Yup, George Bush made an appearance on primetime Monday night TV.

Bush taped a video message for “Deal” contestant Capt. Joseph Kobes, a U.S. Army transportation officer who served three tours of duty in Iraq. Kobes won a Purple Heart and Bronze Star and volunteered for his second and third deployments.

“The show’s producers contacted the White House after learning from Capt. Kobes that the president is one of his heroes,” White House spokesman Tony Fratto said. “And it really is, actually, an emotional moment for Capt. Kobes and the family. And so we look forward to that, and we all wish him luck as well.”

Howel Mandell has often brought celebrity guests on the show but Bush is by far the highest profile guest to date.

In the message, Bush thanks Kobes for his service and wishes him good luck in trying to win the show’s $1 million prize. Referencing the difficulty of balancing the budget as president, Bush also jokingly asks “Deal” host Howie Mandel how he would feel hosting a $3 trillion dollar reality show.

With 5 cases left Kobes rolled the dice aiming for a $750,000. Unfortunately he went one case to far and in the end chose to walk away with $26,000

3 thoughts on “President Bush Appears on “Deal or No Deal””

  1. Classy move my ass. He's just trying to look like he cares (which he doesn't) and rustle up a little good PR. Everything he touches turns to sh-t – of course this guy lost with W wishing him luck.

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