COED Presents: 9 Things Your Parents Would Get Pissed About If You Spent $500 On

– COED & $500 AMEX Gift Card Giveaway! –

If COED was to give you a $500 American Express Gift Card what would you buy?

Your parents might suggest that you put the money towards your education (tuition, books, food) or savings, but this is your money to blow on whatever you want!

You want to go to Vegas? Go to Vegas! Thinking about getting a tattoo? Go for it! Do you really need a big box of condoms? $500 will get enough condoms to last Dirk Diggler a whole month!

Below are 9 Things Your Parents Would Get Pissed About If You Spent $500 On. COED wants to know what should be #1 on the list. Leave your suggestion in the comment section below. The person that submits the best idea will receive a $500 AMEX gift card courtesy on – all submissions must be received by Friday, May 2nd at 12PM. provides a one-stop resource for parents, current and future students to learn about the college entry process and most importantly to apply for student loans. The unique process allows users to quickly apply for a student loan, and allows up to six lenders to compete for business. is not only a destination for student loans, but a place for consumer education. The site also provides users with information on schools from around the country – including programs, majors, size and attendance and associated costs as well as a gap analysis that helps a student/parent determine what their private loan needs will be after they receive federal loans.

10. Buy a Kegerator: $500+

09. Self produce a music video for your buddies “rock opera”

08. Get a tattoo

07. Plane ticket to Vegas: $300-500

06. Buy 2 bottles of Johnny Walker Blue because one just isn’t enough: $450.00

05. “Make It Rain

04. EVGA GeForce 9800 GX2 Video Card: $549.00

03. Remote control helicopter

02. Fund a White Castle Crave Case race for your fraternity

01. (Submit your ideas in the comment section to win a $500 American Express gift card courtsey of

Top 3 ideas will be opened up for public voting on Monday, May 5th.

173 thoughts on “COED Presents: 9 Things Your Parents Would Get Pissed About If You Spent $500 On”

  1. I'd rent a top notch room at Soho House in NYC for a weekend night…and pretend I am important

  2. Rent midgets for my next family bbq and encourage an afternoon/night of good ol' fashion midget toss.

  3. haha Paul that "last time" link is classic – I wonder how much an Alf autograph would go for on eBay

  4. My parents really like dancing with the stars… so maybe I'd use the money to kill my grandpa.

  5. ChronicColonic

    I'd pay to have Rick Astley perform "Never Gonna Give You Up" in my basement and spend the rest of the $475 on chips and refreshments

  6. gas for the greatest summer road trip possible… nyc to chitown to minneapolis to denver to vegas to san diego to tijuana back to san diego to la (aka the price is right) to san jose/ san fran to portland to seattle to vancouver to glacier national park to yellowstone national park to the bad lands to st. paul to north star lake in northern minnesota for a week of insanity on a family vaca… the question is; where do you think i will be when i run out of gas money?

  7. Hook up my friends fuel inefficient vehicle to a gas pump and put a brick on the gas with the e-brake up until I have cycled through $500 worth of gas.

  8. Buy 2000 bouncy balls out of a quarter machine, then drop them all off the top of a very steep road.

  9. I found Britney on a celebrity dating site called Wealthy Kiss.c o m or something. I forget the screename. I will check it out for you guys and come out with the truth soon.

  10. I'd turn the $500 into 500,000 pennies and use them plant a field of money trees. I'm pretty sure thats how that works.

  11. Shipping out to Djibouti, Africa, meeting a local tribeswoman, flying her home to meet your parents and then breaking to them you two will be living in the basement.

  12. Use the money to fuel an unsanctioned and probably very illegal party in the middle of campus the night after graduation. Which will quite possibly cause the university to revoke my degree. In order for the party to live up to my expectations, there must be the following:

    1. Moonbounce
    2. Miller Light girls
    3. Keg of Patron… That's right, I said it, a keg of Patron.
    4. Never ending supply of natty light.
    5. Rick Astley providing entertainment.

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