YouTube User “Trashman” Claims to Have “Infected 1,500 Girls with AIDS”

Going by the name ‘Trashman,’ a guy with an American accent claimed in a video posted to that he has “‘infected’ between 1200 and 1500 young women with [HIV/AIDS].”

The YouTube Video:


Now, I’m of the persuasion that deliberately giving a partner HIV is tantamount to murder, morally speaking. There’s also the argument that having unprotected sex with someone who’s even sometimes referred to as Trashman is as irresponsible as the garbage guy himself.

Others still argue that the whole thing is just bullsh*t.

Regardless of whether this is a horrible act or a hoax, ladies, if you’re ever wooed by a guy wearing pantyhose over his face, it’s probably a good night to go home and play Scrabble.

11 thoughts on “YouTube User “Trashman” Claims to Have “Infected 1,500 Girls with AIDS””

  1. As 'The Trashman', you'd think he would only be having sex twice a week, and would be using 'Hefty' brand for condoms . They never break, ya know.

  2. this monster should be fried! Dirty black men like him disgust me. He is a disgrace to his race. Someone should turn that tape over to police so that he can go to prison and be fucked up the ass for the rest of his life

  3. I would lean toward this being fake. All though sad as it is. Either way…
    1) if its a black man trying to prove a point about aids and how fast it spreads well this is a sorry way for him to stand of for the black people and pronounce his knowledge (or lack there of)
    2) if this is a black man who really has aids and is on a mission to spread it – than thank god for that the internet does have a tracking system I hope he gets caught – BUT also this is another sad view of black people and how they want to be seen in the the eye of the world.

    If you have something to teach or to be heard – do it with confidance and pride and know what your talking about. If he has it or not he is a coward and one of the reasons black people get a bad name…shame on him…and…shame on us if we really dont learn to play it safe with sex.

  4. Really? Please don't tell me that there wasn't another way that this man could have spread his "message."

    The last thing I would call him is a humanitarian.

  5. The truth is that if it had been a white man… Then he most certainly would have been called a humanitarian

  6. I do not think that this was a good way to spread his message……if people believed this video could you imagine the pandemonium that would follow. First off, unfortunately many of the "hoodrat/ghetto girls" he mentioned in the video have socio-economic, emotional, and psychological issues…so that affects many of their ability to actually CARE about being infected with HIV/AIDS. You have get the girls to care about it first, and then inform them of the ways to protect themselves….because in actuality AIDS/HIV has been roaring strong for almost 30 years, so who the hell don't know how it is contracted?

  7. you are a fucking asshole who needs your fucking ass beat! I WILL KILL YOU IF I EVER SEE YOU! YOU BETTER PRAY FOR GOD TO FORGIVE YOU! You make me want to never have sex again as long as i live because of trifilin ass niggas like yourself!I fucken hate your ass bitch fuck your trashy low life ass! You have nothing to live for so your trying to take as many innocent souls with you as you can!You piece of trash

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