Sit On My Face, and Tell Me That You Love Me: ‘Squashing’ on The “Tyra Banks Show”

Recentlty, Tyra Banks featured the sexual fetish of “squashing” on her show. And it’s all that it sounds like–and about 400-pounds more. Check out the video below, and make sure to watch to the end.

[protected-iframe id=”00d08a54886a02f88f4e4ad33a0ab819-3508545-55749914″ info=”” width=”425″ height=”345″]

If all I needed to be satisfied was to have a morbidly obese woman bounce on me, America would be the Promised Land. But my Number One goal in life is to not die in a way that when people hear about it their reaction is, “Yeah, well that was stupid.” And I think being smothered by a giant ass is one of those ways.

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