8 Great College Scandals

Everyone loves a good dirt, and college campuses are rife with scandalous happenings.

Before we give lessons on geniality, CollegeOTR sifted through a mountain of moldy campus trash to give you “Eight Great College Scandals.” [CollegeOTR]

Greatest College Hoops Programs (And Cheerleaders Too)

An article came out a couple of weeks ago that covered the greatest college hoops programs. Among some of the top spots were the usual suspects: UCLA, North Carolina, and Duke.

But that got me thinking. Who historically houses some of the best cheerleaders?

For the record I think USC and UCLA are the best, but don’t ever discount the Texas Longhorns Ladies, Oregon Ducks girls, or the ASU Dance Team. [Uncoached]

Best Beer Pong Table Ever? WVU Engineering Students Think So

A college education has helped elevate an ordinary table to beer pong nirvana at a house just outside of the West Virginia University Evansdale Campus.

There, a group of four engineering students, three specializing in electrical engineering, have produced the “Best Beer Pong Table EVER,” as dubbed by a YouTube video that you must see! [The Daily Athenaeum]

Missing Ithaca College Student Found Dead in Campus Pond
Missing Ithaca College Student Found Dead in Campus Pond
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