Hazed: A Greek Tragedy

After enduring countless “takeouts,” the freshman pledges of Lambda Phi Epsilon called it quits. Promising anonymity, The Daily Northwestern gives us the unpleasant details of pledge-life at Northwestrn’s Lambda fraternity. [Daily Northwestern]

Class with Kumar: Penn Students Say Actor’s Class Was A Hit

Actor Kal Penn — conquered Hollywood after his hit movie Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. But, with students raving about his Asian American Studies class as the semester ends, it seems Modi has conquered something perhaps more significant than teenage humor: the field of academia.

“I was a little skeptical at first about what credentials gave him the right to teach a class at Penn,” said a College senior and Cinema Studies major. “By the end of the class, I realized it wasn’t his academic credentials that got him here, it was his experience in the field – which is equally valuable,” she said. [Daily Pennsylvanian]

Name That Giant HOFer Melon Watching ASU Baseball

Can you guess which Steroid Era legend (hint: huge melon) watched Friday night’s Arizona State game? [Busted Coverage]

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