35 arrested at Snoop Dogg concert at U. New Hampshire

35 Arrested at Snoop Dogg Concert at University of New Hampshire

Over 5,000 rowdy students packed U. of New Hampshire’s Whittemore Gym to see Snoop Dogg play last Friday night.

The crowd was relatively under control, but 35 students were arrested for charges ranging from possession of alcohol to possession of drugs, one was even arrested for cocaine possession.

This spring concert was a cake walk for security compared last years Ludacris concert that saw 144 arrests. [The New Hampshire]

New Round of RIAA Letters Sent to College Students

The Recording Industry Association of America recently began another round of letters to universities, alleging that students on those school networks had infringed on digital copyrights and would face litigation.

This new wave of letters is the most recent effort by the RIAA to crack down on illegal downloading on campuses. [UWIRE]

Dartmouth’s ‘Hostile’ Environment

Often it seems as though American higher education exists only to provide gag material for the outside world.

The latest spectacle is an Ivy League professor threatening to sue her students because, she claims, their “anti-intellectualism” violated her civil rights. [Wall Street Journal]

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