COED’s Guide To Getting Hitched

With all these hotties, from Scarlett Johansson to Melissa Theuriau, tying the knot these days, we here at COED decided to give you some tips on the disastrous glorious world of matrimony.

I know it sounds crazy, but before you know it, you or one of your buddies might be getting hitched. It can creep up on a guy quickly, believe it or not. One day they’re a Bachelor for life and then the next, they’ve met a lady who is ‘different’ from all of the others and they want to seal the deal.

There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with this. Although much of our generation has slowly moved away from the idea of marriage being a necessary institution, those in love still seem to find it to be the ultimate profession of love and devotion. If you or someone you know is treading these matrimonial waters, I suggest checking out Groom Groove before relinquishing control of your entire life to your soon-to-be mother-in-law.

This Site has devoted every piece of their content to the marrying man, and thankfully so. They cover everything from popping the question to dealing with ‘bridezilla’ to coping with Cold feet.

Here are some of the best pointers Groom Groove has to offer:

Know the answer before you propose. The proposal is supposed to be “magical”–and being turned down is about the least magical thing that could possibly happen. Make sure you’ve already discussed the possibility of marriage and have a good feel for her take on it all.

Make sure your best man is literally your best man. Picking out the guy you’ve had the most fun with over the years should be easy, but make sure he can actually handle the job. A best man is in charge of a lot more than just the bachelor party. If you’ve got a few buddies/brothers in mind for this job, pick the most responsible one.

DON’T add your exgfs to the list–right away. Instead, make an initial list and let it marinate with both of you for a week or so. I don’t know about you guys, but when I have a party, I like to invite everyone I know. Wedding guests should be chosen a little bit more carefully, though…unless you’ve got millions to blow, which you don’t.

Buy a gift for your buddy AND his new bride. It’s easy to just get something for the guy that will be entertaining and even hilarious, but you’ll leave a much more positive imprint on their marriage if you get something that really satisfies them both.

It’s really about time a Site like this came along. Brides to be seem to get all of the attention…even with their own reality TV shows these days (gag). The least a powerful resource like the Internet can offer up to a man preparing to surrender his romantic freedom is a guide on how to do it.

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