Take It Off!: NippleGauge.com

Unless you’ve got beads, a ton of loot, or own “Girls Gone Wild,” getting girls to strip off their tops usually results in getting smacked in the face. And it still does. But the geniuses at NippleGauge.com have created a handy device that might actually make asking her “Take it off!” a worthwhile endeavor.

The credit-card-sized device, which sells for $6.95, literally gauges a girl’s nipple size, from “needle nips” to “grande.” The Site claims that to get a girl’s top off, “Just show her the Nipple Gauge,” and “before you know it, she’s getting gauged! It’s that easy.”

Well, that’s obviously bullsh*t. But when seeing more boobs is at stake, it’s best to try anything. At most, they’ll do it because they think it’s funny. Or maybe women are looking to have even more of their bodies judged in public, in which case, this is perfect. But more than likely, they’ll only do it because they’re drunk. And even more likely, they’ll just laugh in your face (like usual).
[Props to our friends at Fleshbot.com for this one]

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