Kentucky Primary Bourbon Drinking Game

This evening, the polls for the Kentucky and Oregon primaries will be closing. And for what seems like the thousandth time this year, the networks will fire-up their analysis machines for a night of back and forth bickering and pithy partisan politics.

To add some substance to tonight’s yammering, we at COED have created a simple drinking game, honoring Kentucky’s signature spirit. So grab your Bourbon of choice (I’d recommend Bullitt, Maker’s Mark or Booker’s), drop in some ice, pour a glass, and let the polls report! If only we can get Chris Matthews to play, then we’ll be in for some entertainment.


Check out the game rules after the jump!

How to play:


  • 2 drinks: Someone plays with a touch-screen map
  • 1 drink: Someone refers to “taking a look at the math,” or anything to do with math
  • 3 drinks: A video clip from your candidate of choice plays
  • 1 drink: Your candidate goes up a percentage point
  • 2 drinks: Your candidate goes down a percentage point
  • 1 drink: Anytime an anchor mentions “white” or “working-class” voters
  • 5 drinks: Someone suggests Hillary can still win
  • Finish your drink: Primary called for any candidate
  • Drunk dial an old friend: McCain wins both states
  • Drunk dial a (black) friend: Obama wins both states
  • Drunk dial your mom: Clinton wins both states
Rules of the Fist Bump
Rules of the Fist Bump
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