Jerry Springer Speaks to Applause at Law Graduation


Jerry Springer Speaks to Applause at Law Graduation

Most of the law graduates inside the Arie Crown Theater Friday probably didn’t expect advice on ethics from Jerry Springer.

“Let’s be honest–I’ve been virtually everything you can’t respect: a lawyer, a mayor, a news anchor and a talk show host,” joked Springer, who spoke at the School of Law’s convocation ceremony. “Pray for me; if I get to heaven, we’re all going.”

In a wide-ranging speech, Springer, Law ’68, drew upon his experience as a former mayor of Cincinnati, an award-winning news anchor and now the host of one of television’s raunchiest shows.

Springer was invited by a student committee formed to choose a graduation speaker, but his invitation drew criticism from many students, as well as e-mails on school listservs both for and against the choice.

Springer received applause as well as a standing ovation from about half the students. Van Zandt and University President Henry Bienen stood to greet Springer afterward.

“It’s the only time during the ceremony that I was teary-eyed,” said graduate Molly Sorg. [Daily Northwestern]

NC Central Gives Duke Lacrosse Stripper a Degree

When I started reading Kristin Butler’s most recent article Duke’s daily paper, The Chronicle, I was initially annoyed, since she starts out the article by saying, “It seems anyone can get a college degree these days-especially if they go to North Carolina Central University.”

Ms. Butler is teed off because NCCU just awarded a degree in “police psychology” to Crystal Mangum, who you most likely know as the “Duke Lacrosse Case Stripper”. [Brahsome]

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