Family Guy Has A Spin Off: The Cleveland Show

Like the Jefferson’s on All In The Family, Family Guy’s Cleveland Brown is moving on up, to his own show that is. During a live broadcast of Loveline, Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane stated that Peter’s buddy Cleveland is getting his own show entitled The Cleveland Show.

Not much is known about the spin off, but a promo image has been released. The image features Cleveland with a new wife, a baby, a fat kid, and a teenage daughter living next door to a family of gingers and two bears. Does this mean Cleveland is no longer Peter’s neighbor? Will we ever see the hyperactive Cleveland Jr. again? What about Loretta? We don’t really know, yet. But we’ll let you know as soon as more details are released.

Since Cleveland’s show is mostly speculation, let’s take a look at the other Family Guy characters deserving of a spin off.

Mr. Herbert’s Neighborhood – America’s favorite pedophile teaches children valuable life lessons. Watch Mr. Herbert instruct children on life lessons like never going into a stranger’s basement for Popsicles.

Glen Quagmire: Pick Up Artist – Quagmire teaches virgins on the art of seduction, like what’s the proper time to slip ladies a Mickey.

Joe Swanson: Beach Justice – Follow Joe as he joins the Cape Cod Beach Patrol.

The Greased Up Deaf Guy Show – Benny Hill style antics as people try to catch the Greased Up Deaf Guy.

And finally…

The Goldman’s– a new family moves next door to Quahog’s most anal couple and their Meg-fixated son, Neal.

UPDATE: Thanks to our reader Derek, we now have video!


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