How To Know You’re Smoking Too Much Weed: Oakstradam University

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As you may have heard, pot is basically legal in California now, with a prescription for the sticky-icky easier to get ahold of than your dealer, and “medical” marijuana coffee shops popping up on every corner.To educate smokers with all there is to know about weed–how to smoke it, cook it, how much to use, even how to start your own weed business–they now have Oakstradam University, located in Oakland, CA.

Yes, it is an actual school. No, it’s not just a bunch of dudes sitting around, smoking spliffs. But they never get angry if you forget your homework. As for me, I’m not sure what to think–so I guess I’ll just have to go smoke a bowl and figure it out.

6 thoughts on “How To Know You’re Smoking Too Much Weed: Oakstradam University”

  1. Amen to that!!! this needs to be world wide. People need to recognize that there is nothing wrong using cannabis. If you want to call it a drug, fine, but this drug comes naturally from the earth we live upon. And it's the SAFEST drug out there.

    Now I drink beers, and I drink liquor, I also Drink The Brass Monkey. But remember prohibition? There must have been a reason right? Well, one day, I am hope for the day our kids, and our kids kids, can look back, and say, " DAMN, I feel bad for grandpa and grandma, mom and dad. They had to get this illegally!" But it's up to us to help make this happen!! WHO'S WITH ME?!!!!

  2. Thought i was dreaming when i saw the news story on tv. I had to find out. Its unheard off here in kenya. All weed is illegak he it was legal i would be a rich man since i have a piece of land lying held.

  3. i think its cool to educate people on how to purchase seedlings and educate them in the art of growing pot.i wish they legalized pot in massachusetts. it's only legal to buy it threw perscriptions in rhode island,conn,new hampshire,vermont and calf. i have bad knees that need replacing and have a lot of pain that persciption drugs don't ease the severe pain as well as a joint now and then. my doctors all know i smoke it for pain only. i don't want to get high. i wish i could purchase it,my doctor says if it was legal in mass she would give me a persciption right away. good luck with your university.

  4. I am thankfull for every little step we make to educate people on weed. I feeel if most people understood it, it wouldnt have the negative attention it has. To calssify something that grows natual as a "drug" I just don't get. Have you ever heard of someone going on a crime spree on weed no, may-be alchol and other drugs but not weed. But I live in Va and it will probablly be the last state to leagalize it in anyway shape or form. Go Cali!!! for paving the way for the reat of us.

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