Twin Bill: My True Story of Hooking Up With Sisters

Isn’t it every guy’s fantasy to bag two sisters? Better yet, at the same time? And even better yet, if they are twins – and at the same time? Come on, fellas. Right? I can’t say I slept with twins, though I have claimed that indeed I had, like every half-wit braggart. And I didn’t sleep with two sisters at the same time. But it was kind of great to roll Wendy, who was a junior, and Jill, her sister, who was a freshman in the same night.

It was Jill first. She was dark, quiet, mysterious – a bundle of sexual clich’s that nonetheless were irresistible. She was also incredibly horny, as it turns out. It was as if she didn’t waste her time and energy with small talk and getting the favor of all the guys. She zeroed in on one guy. Tonight, it was me, lucky me. I mistook her reserve, as we danced on the floor of Beta, as shyness or boredom: Then we went to her room, and she just crushed me with her passion. She knew precisely what she wanted, and asked for it – no, she demanded it. Jill, sweet quite Jill, was wild.

On the other hand, there was her older sister, Wendy, and I had known her for a while. We were drinking buddies. She was outgoing, popular with all the guys. We got a little sloppy one night and went for a roll. Wendy was half the lover of her sister, though she had two years on her. She was kind of, well, blah. I figured that, with her outgoing personality, she would be good fun. But, no.

Then, for a fraternity party, I invited Wendy as my ‘date.’ We had a good time, headed back to her place and went at it. She fell asleep, and I returned to the fraternity. It was 3 in the morning, and there was Jill, on the dance floor. When the tune ended, she came over to me. We danced a little, and then she wanted to leave. And, man was she great. Wendy and Jill, two sisters, two different women, in one night. Just right.

10 thoughts on “Twin Bill: My True Story of Hooking Up With Sisters”

  1. Due you bettter PRAY that they dont talk cuz thats messed p, and coming from a girl, i think u are repulsive and who knows what STD all 3 of you have now, wouldnt that be funny

  2. That is just wrong , you have nothing to brag about.
    They will find out..and you will get caught…and its not attractive to other women when they find out you had sex with sisters……
    thats just low life and wrong
    good luck on your std test….and self respect

  3. what are you bragging about? if you end up with an std, those sisters are gonna come after you. thats just heartless dude. dont brag about stuff like that.

  4. why is everyone so fuckin whiny about std's? did he specifically write that he didn't use a condom? noooo.

    and girls being horny isn't repulsive, it's what leaves you with a smile the next day.


  5. Why do you posters assume that neither sister knew about the other? I have known sisters who shared guys at different times and compared notes. I have also known sisters who enjoyed competing with each other over guys and also sisters who really enjoy sleeping with any guy their sister has feeelings for just out of spite. For a guy this is definately a braggable accomplishment but theres no evidence that either sister was upset about the situation. Why do ppl seem to have such a double standard? Would ppl be as offended if a woman slept with 2 different brothers in the same night and bragged a bit about how nice it was? There is nothing wrong with sex between consenting adults and from the story it seems that both sisters were sexually active and not particularly serious about this guy. Anyone who treats these women like victims is really the one who is victimizing them by assuming that they are incapable of making a decision about who to sleep with unless some evil man fools them. I like to think we live in more enlightened times. Truth be told this story sounds a bit more like competetive sisters than about a super-stud. Sorry Bro. lol. But i still agree that no matter why it happened…..NICE. Theres nothing wrong with bragging a little.

  6. ok, assuming this is real, why should he care if they talk and find out, neither are his girl friend so he not cheating on either, im sure if this is real hes not only nailing these 2 chicks but others, its college people, if it aint cheating then bang as many broads as many times as possible

  7. A lot of people on the internet seem to think that any sexual activity that they don't agree with automatically gets you an STD! What is with this? Is it like the new calling someone a slut? Assuming they have an STI because of any sort of promiscuity?

    Fair enough, statistically the more people you sleep with the more likely you are to eventually encounter an STI, but sexually experienced people are often aware of this.

  8. ps. nice one with the sisters 😛

    It's such a guyish thing to be hooked up on, but you can't blame us!

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