Clay Aiken: BabyDaddy

Anyone can have a baby these days and that includes a still-not-out-of-the-closet American Idol star, too. That’s right. In case you haven’t heard, pop star, Clay Aiken, is going to be a babydaddy.

But who? How? What?

Yeah. We were wondering the same thing, so here’s the scoop:

Clay has got this record producer/best friend named Jaymes Foster. She is 50 years old and sister to legendary music producer David Foster. They’re tight. In fact, he even happens to live at her house in Los Angeles when he’s in town. Foster has produced a few of Clay’s cds and now she will be producing a child for him too…to be released in August. She’s divorced and she doesn’t have any kids. So why not raise one with Clay? Yep. Even though she was artificially inseminated with Clay’s seed, he will still have a very active hand in raising this child.

Clay has previously stated that he’s just not interested in relationships and things of the sort, so of course his pending fatherhood does come as a surprise. But are we reallllly surprised? If you ask me, Clay artificially inseminated a 50 year old woman actually makes perfect sense.

The question everyone should really be asking is… since Clay and Jaymes’ love child will be the nephew of David Foster, who happens to be Brody Jenner from The Hills, stepfather… Could this in someway make Gayken, Brody’s Uncle??? Hmmm.

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