Google Android Phone

Once again, Google has stepped-up to the plate, unveiling today the long awaited and speculated-upon Google phone, dubbed “Android.” But it’s not a phone, per se. It’s an application.

Phones running Android, which includes companies like Samsung, HTC, LG Electronics, and Motorola, will have capabilities like no other phone on the market. Plus, it’s all open-source, so software designers can build whatever peripheral programs they like to go along with your phone.

First, the phone unlocks by drawing on it. (Basically, you play connect the dots as your password.) It also includes a built-in compass, in conjunction with Google Maps, so you always know where you are. And it has all the Google applications you could think of.

Check out video of Android after the jump!



While this demonstration is done on a phone with a touchscreen phone, the reports that the application will work equally as well with standard button and smartphone devices, like BlackBerry’s scrolling ball. Hopefully, the cell phone industry jumps on this quickly!

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