MLB Screws Little Leaguers Across The Nation

Major League Baseball Commissioner Bug Selig has cracked the whip on amateur baseball teams across the country for infringing on MLB’s trademarked team names.

First, Mr. Selig went after the Cape Cod League, specifically the Chatham “A’s,” Hyannis “Mets,” Orleans “Cardinals,” Yarmouth-Dennis “Red Sox” and others requesting that “share revenue derived from the sale of merchandise bearing their names such as the for having team names based on Major League clubs.”

Now in a similar situation, Scrooge Selig has declared war on 12-year-olds across America, sending the infringement police to Little League baseball, ordering teams to change their names or face lawsuits.

Check out Barstool Sports for the details, and the sad, sad video that shows us exactly why Bud Selig may be killing Little League Baseball.

2 thoughts on “MLB Screws Little Leaguers Across The Nation”

  1. Thank God for Bud Selig he is single handedly destroying the national pastime. Boring and un-watchable as baseball is it is still part of the fabric. The upside of course is I may never have to attend another horrifying tournament for the neighbors kid.

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