Killer Breath Killing Your Social Life?

Bad breath killing your social life?

According to New York City dentist Dr. Richard Lewenson, fresh breath (and friends who don’t need gas masks to hang around you) can be yours with just a little effort every day. According to the good doctor, the majority of bad breath is caused by the breakdown of sulfur compounds from food you eat, which gets stuck in your teeth and on your tongue.

The solution? Besides regular brushing, be sure to gently scrape or brush your tongue to remove food particles. And yes, you must floss—periodontal disease (chronic swollen, bloody gums) leaves pockets between your gums and teeth, which fill with smelly bacteria. A few minutes of flossing with take care of that problem.

If your breath still stinks, and you’re running out for a hot date, don’t use mouthwash with alcohol. It will dry out your mouth, making it more hospitable for bacteria. Find an alcoholic- free mouthwash to neutralize sulfur. If that doesn’t work, we suggest just stop having friends.

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