Tyson Training Again–Kimbo Match In His Future?

I think Kimbo is scary, but I don’t have nightmares about his fights. I do have those about Mike Tyson. His 80’s run through boxing, during which he systematically savaged everyone he faced while slowly slipping into madness, was frightening. This fear subsided when pictures of Tyson were released showing that, since retiring from fighting, he’s gotten, um, a little big.

I’m not saying I’d want him to punch me, because honestly I’m pretty terrified of losing my entire face. Unfortunately, since these photos came to light, my dreams of him chasing me and eating children in front of me, had really toned down.

Well, my days of feeling secure while in bed are over. According to Sherdog.com, people in Vegas have seen him training, and training really hard.

A source, who asked to remain anonymous, informed Sherdog.com that Tyson has been quietly “training his ass off” with a prominent strength and conditioning coach in the area. The source also stated that Tyson “is not going to do boxing anymore,” but when asked if “Iron Mike” was going to try MMA, the source shrugged, “I don’t know, I can’t say.”

Welcome back nightmares! Thanks a lot, ‘prominent strength and conditioning coach.’ Kimbo! Could you take care of this, please? (Before Tyson’s fit and off the meds…)

4 thoughts on “Tyson Training Again–Kimbo Match In His Future?”

  1. In past interviews Kimbo has said that his dream is to fight Mike Tyson, it sounds like the ball is rolling on that…

  2. Yea i know this is going to be one crazy fight Mike just needs to train very hard but those are two killer punches

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