Speed Dressing: Award Winning JCPenny’s Commercial You Were Never Meant To See

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXxhHWmzDXk&hl=en]

This spec commercial for JCPenny won an award at Cannes 2008 film festival (yes, they have commercials at a film festival), but some truth ignoring parents don’t want you to see it because, well, it’s a really good freakin’ idea.

A ‘spec spot’ is a commercial made by an ad agency or a production company without the client (in this case, JCPenny) asking the commercial be made–basically, a “fake” commercial–but that showcases the talents of those involved. Fortunately, this one teaches you some talents…

Amy Winehouse Punches Fan
Amy Winehouse Punches Fan
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