What Is The Best Show On TV?

With all the rain we’re getting this year, a lot of our summer so far has been spent indoors, glued to the boob-tube. And as we get deeper and deeper into the channels, the lines between bullsh*t and brilliance blur to a degree beyond recognition. So help us get our entertainment in check, tell us which show you think is the best on televison.

If we missed a show on the poll let me know in the comment section, so we can add it.

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12 thoughts on “What Is The Best Show On TV?”

  1. You missed three big ones.

    Burn Notice. (Get my vote)
    Psych (Close second)
    And as LouRob said. The Big Bang Theory.

  2. It's Always Sunny won my vote in this list but Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job would have won for me in a heartbeat if it was on there.

    Funniest show on TV.

  3. Chickenhawk911

    What about 2 and a half men?? Those writers are some of the best around!!

    Seriously, this list is ghetto!

  4. I was surprised not to see 30 Rock on the list, but "Lost" got my vote. It's the best thing on TV since Twin Peaks.

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