Get Down With American Beer Tourism

Nothing will lighten up your weekend this summer like some free beer tourism!

Along with some of the freshest complementary beer one can taste, you will tour the grounds and learn the beer making process from the brew master.

Wine tours have been the traditional powerhouse in alcoholic tourism, but it is now the “craft beer makers, who brew traditionally and produce less than 2 million barrels a year, are attracting a growing audience.”

“There are 1,450 and 3,000 breweries in the U.S. and Europe, respectively, and most of them are craft brewers or brewpubs happy to open their doors to the public to share their love of beer.”

Forbes has compiled a slide show of America’s Top Breweries that includes some of my personal favorites – Dogfish Head, Arrogant Bastard, Rogue Ale and Brooklyn Brewery.

If you are interested in taking a tour check out their websites for tour times and contact information.

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  1. once again with the cost of beer and alcohol prices going up and up! and the the pitchers staying the same size. noone wants to go out to local bars anymore. our local bar still serves beer in the 32 oz pitchers used for water. shouldn’t the bars and nightclubs be using the standard 48 oz of pitchers instead?

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