Top 5 Web-Based Games To Waste Your Life Away

Stuck at the office with nothing to do? Or maybe you had to mail your XBOX360 in for repairs and it’s raining? Or maybe you’re really hung over and the sun’s rays feel like stabbing needles.

Here are 5 web-based games that will run on (almost) any computer.

The Last Stand & The Last Stand 2

Two great games to get us started here based around a familiar but important scenario: the coming (oh, it’s coming) zombie apocalypse. This clicking shooter has some fun RPG elements. It puts you in the character of a lone survivor, who must defend his barricade from the oncoming zombie hordes.

The interesting part is that there is a ‘day time’ section, where, using a menu, you can allot time to look for other survivors, find guns, or repair your barricade. At night, the monsters come, and depending on what you did during the day, you live or die based on who you’ve got, what they’re rocking for weapons, and how accurate your mouse hand is. The 2nd game adds another foil by giving the player 40 days to reach a ‘safe zone’ by moving from town to town, each one with its own weapons and strategy’s.

ProTip : Chainsaw secondary for when there are too many to shoot.

Raptor Safari and Jetpack Brontosaur

These 2 games from FlashBang Studio’s are not only fun, but really fresh and creative. They use some newer tech to create a pretty 3D world right in your browser, and they are playable on most computers! In Raptor Safari, you play a hyper-intelligent jeep driving Raptor form the future who has been sent back in time to capture other Raptor-kin using your front bumper or a giant spiked ball that is attached to the back. Great fun, and plenty of stuff to do, including trying to get achievements or beat your own best in jump distance or amount of times you can roll the jeep, etc. The second game, Jetpack Brontosaur, isn’t finished yet but there is a hilarious and interesting playable Alpha. The name says it all. You play as a Brontosaur with a Jetpack.

Tower Defense Games: Vector TD and Onslaught

A staple of web-based time wasters,  there hundreds of these on the net. A principle that originates (I think) from modifications for StarCraft and Warcraft 3, basically, you have a maze, with a starting and end zone. Monsters come through the maze and try to get to the end zone. If they do, you lose points. Each passing level introduces new, faster, tougher monsters. How do you stop them? You build towers, of different types, along the outside of the maze. Each tower has a different property. Area of effect damage, a slowing effect, a direct damage laser, and each tower can be upgraded using points accumulated by killing monsters. A simple, yet addicting premise.

Spin the Black Circle

There are a lot of puzzle games on the Internet, but few as inventive as this one. A physics based game where you rotate the level to move your little ball around and through obstacles. Starts simple but becomes maddeningly frustrating as it gets more complex. You may smash your keyboard, but it will pass time. Great soundtrack too.


This one has a payment option, but you can get a few hours worth of play out of it before the trial makes you pony up the dough. It’s sort of like a Tower Defense game, except there is only one tower, and he’s a robot you control, and he shoots all types of different guns. A top-down graphically simple shooter that doesn’t reach for the stars but shows true excellence in its execution.

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