Student Designs Counter-Strike Map of School, Gets Arrested

I’d like to say ‘this seems fake,’ but these days even the most ridiculous bullshit is turning out to be real. In Fort Bend, Texas, a Chinese student was arrested and expelled from school for designing a Counter-Strike map based on his school’s layout. Designing the map (check it out here) was seen as a ‘terrorist threat’.

The police searched his room and discovered a hammer, which the boy had used to fix his bed. The hammer was confiscated, and police continued to search for the deadly ‘hammer training simulator’ the boy had probably designed to turn the household tool into a deadly weapon of unimaginable power.

The real kick to the teeth here is that even though no charges were pressed, the boy was kicked out of school and won’t be allowed to participate in graduation…


The Chinese community and the boy’s mother have rallied behind him, saying the school has acted too harshly in the wake of the Virginia Tech shootings. No charges were filed, though the boy won’t be allowed to participate in graduation ceremonies. 

Designing a map of your school in a shooter is slightly wonked, yes, but with no other evidence to suggest he was a sinister madman and no charges pressed after a full search and investigation, can denying the kid a graduation really be considered fair?

(Image source: Flickr)

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