The Top 9 US Olympic Athlete Producing Colleges: #1

#1 Stanford University

Number of 2008 Olympians: 31

This place is more an Olympian-making machine than a school. If you’re good enough to get into Standford, and good enough to play on their teams, chances are you have a good shot at getting to the Olympics. Topping off the list with a whopping 31 Olympians, Stanford earned their first medals of the 2008 Olympic Games with exceptional swimming performances in the preliminary rounds of the men’s and women’s 4 x100m freestyle relays. Ben Wildman-Tobriner brought in gold and  junior Julia Smit won a silver, bringing Stanford’s all-time Olympic medal count to 199.

Men (15)

Women (16)


13 thoughts on “The Top 9 US Olympic Athlete Producing Colleges: #1”

  1. I'm sure Ohio State is not the only university that fits within these circumstances, but what about student athletes that are competing for other countries outside the U.S.? OSU has 11 athletes competeing for the United States, not 10, in the Olympics but we also have 6 other students competing for other countries in Beijing.

  2. Are you kidding me? Auburn has 22 athletes in this years olympics. If we were a country, Auburn would be 10th in medal counttied with Germany and one behind Breat Britain.

  3. Brilliant comments, folks. It's a list of the top U.S athlete producing schools, not WORLD. Next they'll have a list of top states that begin with the letter "W" and you all will say "if you count letters NEXT TO W in the alphabet, Virginia would be there".

    PS – Stanford grad here so apparently athletics isn't the only area in which we excel.

  4. You know I see that Florida has 9 athletes.. How about Old Dominion University? We maybe a little known school but we also have 9 athletes and coaches that are in the Olympics… our sports are field hockey and sailing.

  5. Remeber they are only talking about USA athletes. Indiana University has several athletes that are competeing for different countries.

  6. What about Auburn University? 27 athletes in this years games and we have one of the best swimmers ever in Rowdy Gains. Quoting Birmingham News writer Charles Goldberg, "Did you know that if Auburn was a nation, it would have the 65th largest contingent at the Games? It's true. Auburn has more athletes in Beijing than Georgia, the university, and almost as many as Georgia, the country. Auburn is in the upper percentile as the 65th largest "country" of the 205 nations participating."

    How Auburn University isn't on this list is beyond me.

  7. We should be proud of all of the athletes, not just from our own University! With that said, since 1968, 118 Gators and 11 Florida coaches have represented 27 countries in 10 Olympiads and laid claim to 76 medals, including 39 golds (before this summer).

    As of August 8, 2008, a total of 36 athletes and coaches with ties to the University of Florida (33 athletes, 3 coaches) are representing 20 different countries for the 2008 Olympic Games. (Reference:
    Go Gators!

  8. I think it is time 4 America 2 stop letting other countrys b n our Olympics cuz they have abused the privelege. We gave them an inch & now they r taking a mile deliberetely getting medals trying 2 make us look bad. A lot of them hate us anyways. Some of them do not even support our troops! Um, that just happens 2b ilegal! hello!

    But they don't respect the law. Like 4instance RED CHINA which we even let have the Olympics there so we could get information about their missel bases etc & now every nite we c more commiunist chinese grabbing medals so they can brag how they "beat" us. Yeah! by CHEATING & paying off the judges who r also from foregn countrys. What a suprise!

    So pls write 2 ur Congressman. If u dunno the name u can get it from Google. & tell him u wanna law past 2 take back our Olympics! Our troops r sacarficing their lives 2 defend our freedom & it is time for us 2 do our part!

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