The Top 9 US Olympic Athlete Producing Colleges: (2-3)

#3 The University of California – Los Angeles

Number of Olympians: 17

In addition to providing 17 members of Team USA, UCLA has students or alumni competing for countries across the globe, from Canada to Belize to the Bahamas. UCLA comes into Beijing with multiple gold medal winners and eight return Olympians. How do they get so many, you ask? Well, if it’s summer all the time, training for the Summer Games is made a little bit easier.

Men (5)

Women (12)

#2 The University of Southern California

Number of Olympians: 19

If you want to win gold, go to USC. Former Trojans Erik Vendt and Klete Keller, two powerhouses of the U.S. swimming team, brought USC Olympic gold in the 4×200-meter relay this year in Beijing, continuing the school’s gold-winning streak, having secured that medal in every Summer Games since 1912. That’s since before television…

Men (5)

Women (14)


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